• A friend of mine raved about Chana and her Move it Momma class, so I decided to check it out. I only wish I had known about her earlier! First of all, she is truly hilarious and ridiculously high energy. That may not seem key in a personal trainer, but when you are being pushed to your maximum her personality is so engaging you can’t help but move past your self-imposed limits. This is because you are having, in a word, fun. While getting fit. I know, right? Second, she knows her stuff. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and as the mother of two young children, knows first hand the challenge that is getting in shape post-partum. She keeps everyone on track, motivated and moving. If that means running after someone’s wayward toddler or entertaining a baby while calling out reps, she is – cheerfully – on it. And somehow her attentive eye manages to make you feel as though you are having a personal training session, no easy task in the midst of a group that includes toddlers. I really can’t say enough good things about Chana. As a bonus, her class attracts a great group of women!
    Elizabeth P.

  • I first met Chana at a sleep-training support group she facilitated through Babybites Brooklyn in 2008, when I weighed nearly 200 pounds and was an exhausted new mom. I was immediately struck by her energy and positivity and of course, her insight when it came to answering the millions of questions I had about baby-rearing. Fast forward a year, I bumped into Chana on the playground and we struck up a conversation about fitness; I always noticed how fit she was. I had been working to lose weight and had successfully lost 39 pounds since the last time I saw Chana.We talked about different workouts we do and she mentioned her plan to start group fitness classes for moms. In the winter of of 2011, I took my fitness journey to the next level and began an intensive three-month training program. During my time in this program I joined Chana’s Move It Momma classes to supplement my training. It was just the extra push I needed. Chana is such a great motivator. Not only does she push you to work your hardest, she explains why the exercises you’re doing help areas of the body become stronger. She has endless amounts of energy and her sense of humor makes the class fun as well as providing the killer workout you’re looking for. Don’t let the “Momma” in the title fool you. This class is no joke. But, if you’re just coming back to fitness after your pregnancy, Chana is great about modifying the exercises for you. There are no judgments in MIM because we’re all moms, struggling to get back into, or stay, in shape. We all have the same issues at home and there is frequent conversation about sleeping schedules, bottle-weening, pre-school applications, what to make for dinner etc, all while you’re in plank position or doing step-ups on a park bench. Chana takes the time to assess your fitness needs and goals, and is sensitive to the moms that are timid about joining a fitness group. She will push you when she knows you can do more. She will be there to hug you when you feel you can’t. If you need to bring the little ones to class, she’s so great with them, and often incorporates them into your workout, while making sure you still get the time you need to work. I highly recommend Chana and Move It Momma. She keeps me in check. Even on the days I really don’t want to push. She gets it.
    - Alison D.
  • I love to exercise, but once I became a mom I found it challenging to incorporate exercise into my schedule. Move It Momma is the perfect solution. A fun, high intensity workout AND I can bring my 2.5 year old! My daughter has so much fun — she thinks the class is for her. And I get an amazing workout. Everyone wins! Chana is fantastic at balancing the needs of the entire class — whether you’re new to working out or you’ve been doing it for years, she adjusts the level to ensure that everyone gets a quality workout. She is the first personal trainer I have found that really “gets it”. Her enthusiasm is completely infectious and you find yourself looking forward to every workout. If you’re a parent who wants to exercise, this is the class — or trainer — for you.
    - Sarah H.
  • Chana makes you want to get out in the morning and work out. She provides both physical and emotional support just when you need it and her high energy and smile are infectious. She was one of the best parts of my maternity leave!
    - Tracy C.
  • Chana is one tough little cookie. She’s kickin’ ass and takin’ names – and thank goodness because my ass looks amazing. Move it momma is a great workout and a great way to meet other moms in the neighborhood at the same time. I don’t just think of Chana as a trainer, I think of her as a friend.
    - Brittany “I’m almost at my wedding weight” S.
  • I met Chana by going to various babybites events and at one of the seminars, Chana announced that she was starting up a workout group called Move It Momma that would be meeting regularly in Prospect Park. I instantly jumped at the chance to work out with other new moms struggling to get back in shape. Since then, I have regularly attended Chana’s weekend sessions. I am happy to report that I have lost 47 out of the 50 pounds I gained during pregnancy thanks in part to adding Move It Momma to my workout routine. I thoroughly enjoy the hour long sessions. Chana is enthusiastic, motivating and very knowledgeable about post-partum issues. Each session is fun and different and I am never bored. I always feel challenged and feel great (and proud!) after each workout. It is also a wonderful venue to interact with other moms struggling with similar issues and to get helpful, frank advice.  Move It Momma has been a great addition to my workout regime and support network!
    - Marisa R.
  • Finding out about Move It Momma was truly a blessing – not only has it gotten me on track with losing weight and helped with some post-pregnancy knee pain but, most importantly it gave me the social interaction with other moms that I was craving! I’m so happy to be a part of Move It Momma and so happy to have some mommy friends!
    - Allie M.
  • I started working with Chana from Move it Momma about 7 weeks after having my daughter. Not only did she help me get back into shape in only a few months, but she also comes chock full of Momma experience, from tips on sleeping to finding the right nursery school. She gets you into shape while effortlessly fielding all the kid related questions you can throw at her. Move it Momma helped me get back into shape after having a baby, but it also served as a wonderful venue for socializing with new moms. I cannot recommend Chana or Move it Momma enough!
    - Karen B.