Whether you are a new mom looking to lose the baby weight or a not-so-new mom wanting to kick your fitness level up a notch, you have come to the right place.  Run by Certified Personal Trainer and mom of three, Chana Balk, Move It Momma offers dynamic and motivating fitness programs including group classes and customized personal training designed specifically with moms’ bodies, lifestyles and schedules in mind.

In addition to helping moms reach their health and fitness goals, Chana offers support through her very honest blog featuring stories, thoughts and opinions on everything and anything relating to mommahood.

We get it.  Move It Momma.



MIM We Get It 1

You are going back to work next week.

Your baby is refusing a bottle.

You are still wearing maternity clothes.

We Get It.  Move It Momma.

MIM We Get It 2

Your husband is away on business.

Your kid just threw up on you.

You want to go back to work, but don't know what you want to do.

We Get It.  Move It Momma.

MIM We Get It 3

Your boss just asked you to stay late again.

Your 6 year old cried that she wants you to come home.

Preschool applications are due this week.

We Get It.  Move It Momma.