Personal Training

MIM offers customized personal training in your home, in the Park — wherever is most convenient for you!  Whether you are a new mom or a mom of school aged kids, personal training can give you the kick start you need to get strong and healthy.  Together, we will devise a plan that enables you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Please know that I teach fitness at a sleep away camp for much of the summer and therefore will not be taking on new clients before September 2017.


  1. I get it. I’ve been there. The sleepless nights, living in what feels like a fat-suit for many months postpartum, balancing work and motherhood, taking care of everyone and everything in your household. Bottom line, I understand just how hard it is to fit fitness into your life as a busy mom, but I also know just how crucial it is, and I will help you recognize this too.
  2. Educating you – about your body, your movements, your health – is a primary goal. You will not just train hard; you will learn valuable lessons that will help you achieve results way after our training sessions end.
  3. Core. Core. Core. Your core is to your body what a foundation is to a house. If it isn’t solid, the house will come down. Especially for moms, core strengthening is key. This will be a focus of every workout.
  4. I go beyond just fitness – looking at your schedule, your partner’s schedule, your baby’s schedule, inside your fridge – to help you establish a routine that will enable you to achieve your goals, and stay happy and sane in the process.
  5. I will push you to work harder than you think you can work, and help you prove to yourself just how strong you are.
  6. I will make you laugh (yes, you may pee while you jump squat).
  7. Whether you have a 6 week old or a 6 year old, I can help care for your child while still focusing on you, your form, your workout. Think of me as a personal trainer/postpartum doula/preschool teacher all in one. (And I’m a heckuva lot cheaper than preschool!)
  8. I make fitness fun.
  9. I will teach you functional movements – movements that train your body for everyday life activities – so that you move more efficiently and avoid injuries.
  10. Did I mention I will kick your butt?

I also offer a “Buddy Up & Save” program where I train you and a girlfriend, or you and your hubby, or you and whomever.  Contact me by email for rates or to schedule your complimentary 45 minute consultation today!