Meet Chana

As a fit and petite woman before babies, losing the weight after each of my children’s births was a real struggle. In those postpartum months, I felt as if I was wearing a 20-pound fat suit, and I wanted no part of the gym. I wanted — and needed — a comfortable setting where I could exercise with and among other new moms who were experiencing the same things that I was going through. Lucky for me, after the birth of my first son in 2005, I stumbled upon a postnatal fitness class in Central Park. That class changed my body, and my life.

Fast forward a few years. I moved to Brooklyn, had a second son, worked my butt off to lose the weight a second time, and eventually left my 10 year career as a corporate attorney.   It was time for this mom to do something more meaningful, more creative, more me.  After some soul searching, I realized that I could combine my two greatest passions — fitness and motherhood — to start a business that would enable me to motivate and inspire moms to lead healthier lives.  Move It Momma was born.  I obtained my personal training certification and started working with clients and teaching groups classes in the park.  Years later, my third (and last) child was born (a girl) and once again, I had to work super hard — this time in my 40′s — to lose the weight.

My daughter is 4 years old and I have been working with the amazing community of Brooklyn mommas teaching fitness for 9+ years now.  In addition, I have spent about 6 summers teaching fitness to kids and staff at various sleep away camps.  My fitness certifications include ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, TRX and pre/postnatal (and that list continues to grow).   I am also now an SLT instructor and I believe strongly that the workout truly strengthens, lengthens and tones (ask me about it).  As set forth in my Mission Statement, my intention for Move It Momma has always been that it be more than just a health and fitness business.  I aim to be a full fledged momma support system.

Here are the 2 boys who inspired it all…