How soon after my baby’s birth can I take a MIM class?

As soon as your doctor or midwife gives you the green light, you are welcome to join us.

What age range of babies/kids attend MIM?  Do I have to bring my child?

I schedule group classes with an eye toward your needs as well as your child’s napping schedule so that different classes draw different aged kids.  Typically, my 8:30 and 9:30 am classes draw moms with toddlers (babies are also welcome) and my later morning/midday classes draw newer moms with babies who are still content spending time in a stroller.   You by no means need to bring your child along.  Particularly on weekends, moms usually leave babies at home.

Can you tell me more about the toddler focused class?

“Not-so-much-time-in-the-stroller-fitness” was created in response to a need for moms with toddlers (who were no longer content hanging out in their strollers) to get a good workout with their toddlers in tow.  In this unique class, we stay in the same general area so that toddlers can play, roam and even exercise along with mom.  As indicated above, moms bring both babies and toddlers to this class.  Its a lot of fun — for both mom and little people.  And yes, even with your 3m old and 3 year old, you will get a great workout.

Are the classes more of a cardio routine or strength training?  What types of exercises should I expect?

There is a cardio element to each class, but the primary focus is strengthening — with a routine that draws from a variety of exercise mediums including but not limited to pilates, kickboxing, cardio-sculpt, yoga and more.  Of course, core conditioning and strengthening is incorporated into every workout.

What if I never exercised before? Will I be able to keep up?

I adjust the routine such that everyone is motivated at their own pace. Whether you hardly exercised pre kids or are an avid exerciser, I will make sure you get a great workout and the personal attention you deserve.

If you have any other questions, please contact me.