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Finding the Silver Lining

It has been one week since I tore my gastroc muscle. The first few days were pretty depressing; I didn’t leave my bed, nor did I bother to get dressed.  Then, I slowly started to accept that injuries happen, I will heal and it could be a whole lot worse. I decided that even though [...]

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Injuries Happen

Yesterday, while teaching a Move It Momma class for moms and toddlers in Park Slope, I tore my gastrocnemius (gas-troc-ni-me-us) muscle — my calf muscle.  I knew it was bad the moment it happened, but I put on a brave face and taught the remainder of the class from the floor, while icing my calf [...]

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Hot in Jamaica, Mon

Over the holiday, I spent a week in Jamaica with family at a beautiful beach resort.  It was totally relaxing.  (That happens when your kids get a little older and there are cousins around to swim with them in the ocean so you and your husband can actually chillax).  The highlight of my trip was [...]

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A Post Cleanse Report

A few weeks ago, I told you that I was embarking on a gluten-free, dairy-free, animal-product-free cleanse, and I said I would follow up to let you know my results, so here I am…with my “Post-Cleanse Report.” First, let me say that I kinda ate this way, or tried to, before I cleansed, so for [...]

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Raising Hikers

When I think back on the first few years that I spent with my husband, an image that always comes to mind is hiking a mountain trail.  In fact, T and I hiked and camped throughout our entire courtship (I was a cheap date), culminating with a marriage proposal atop a New Hampshire mountain many years [...]

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