End of Summer Reminder to Take Care of YOU!

As the summer comes to a close, it is typically a time when parents (let’s get real – it is mostly us moms!) have lists and lists of things to do to get ready for the school year. And typically, we have to get all these things done with our kids around, which only makes it harder to get things done. Some of us have had our kids around for a good chunk of the summer and are kinda dreaming dying for our kids to get back to school — for everyone to get back to a routine.


Let’s face it – when family/kids stuff gets extra busy, our needs get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. I am here to tell you, beg you, ask you NOT to let that happen. I am here to tell you that it is precisely when your family/kids stuff feels extra busy that you should prioritize your health and well being because let’s face it, as moms, fitness is kinda as important for our mental and emotional well-being as it is for our physical bodies, and without that outlet — without taking that hour a day for you — you may just end up going nuts, or at least yelling at everyone … a lot.

AND … as many of you look at your Fall calendars to plan your children’s after school schedules, do not forget to plan YOUR fitness schedule. Remember, your fitness should be a part of your every-day routine (just like brushing your teeth). That does not mean some crazy hard workout 7 days a week. That means moving your body every day. For many of us, this requires forethought and planning. SO, plan not just for your kids, but for YOU too!

Looking to supplement your current fitness routine with a great once-a-week workout with other cool, fun moms?  Hoping to jump start your fitness routine after your 2nd baby? Not sure how to start to get back after not working out for a looooong time? Move It Momma to the rescue! My Fall class schedule (Prospect Park & Fort Greene Park) is up.  I aim to give each and every one of my moms a great workout – which means, I push you to work to the best of your ability, whether you’re a beginner or a Cross-fit enthusiast.

Remember moms, what you eat/how you move/your fitness really truly has an impact on how you feel/your happiness/your mood/your interactions with your kids. So, don’t forget to take care of YOU while you’re crazy busy taking care of everyone else in your household.

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