My Uterus is Confused

A few posts ago I talked about how my belly was so big and how annoyed I was hearing all the unsolicited comments about my large belly size.  Turns out there was a reason why my belly appeared and continues to appear larger than typical – I have a condition that affects 1% of pregnant women called polyhydramnios – otherwise known as high amniotic fluid.

I know.  You never heard of too much fluid.   Well, now you have.

Thankfully, my condition is mild and hopefully does not mean that anything is wrong with the baby.  Sometimes, too much fluid can indicate a baby that isn’t swallowing right or producing too much urine, but it seems that is not the case for me.  What it does mean is that I have to be monitored weekly at the hospital to check my fluids and make sure that the baby is doing ok.   There’s also increased risk of a host of other crap during the birth, like the cord wrapping around her neck.

So far, the most annoying part of this situation is that while I am in week 35, my uterus is measuring at 40 weeks and I appear and feel like someone who is 40 weeks.  That means I am contracting like someone who is 40 weeks, often woken in the night with very painful contractions, hardly able to walk around at all, and very uncomfortable.  Remember when you were at the very end? I have been there for weeks.  Yeah, not fun.

Thankfully, I was told by my doctor that if the baby does not come on her own in the next few weeks, they will induce me by week 37 or 38 so now I at least have an end in sight.  Those of you who have ready my prior birth stories know that my only experience with induction was pretty awful, but I am confident after speaking with my doctor that this would not be that same horrible experience.

So for now, I just sit at home on my couch watching bad TV, including A Baby Story, which is so annoying and awful to watch but leaves me bawling every single time a baby is born.

Hopefully the next time I write a post, I will be a mom of 3.  Till then, any encouraging comments are welcome.



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2 Responses to My Uterus is Confused

  1. Carly @ Fine Fit Day February 6, 2014 at 3:16 pm #

    Oh no! So sorry, Chana! Hopefully baby #3 will skip the induction and decide to come early regardless!

  2. Gilla February 11, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

    Hi chana,
    So sorry to hear, I had the same problem with my baby girl who born this September,
    Hope for u that every thing will go smoothly like mine…
    I started to exercise with cafe mom on you tube, I do it all ready for 2 mounth 5 days a week
    And I love love love it, usually I hate exercise but your classes I love, and it makes me feel so gooooood…. Thanks so so much,

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