You Can Touch My Belly All You Want, But Stop Telling Me How Big It Is


Last week I started my third trimester.  If you asked half the population, they probably would have told you that I look like I started my third trimester weeks ago.  In fact, since about week 23 or 24, I have received almost daily comments about my size:

Wow, you have gotten biiiig

Any day now

Christmas baby

You sure you’re not having twins

No f’ers, I am due in March and I carry big.

These sorts of comments from my doorman and the old neighbor down the hall are a bit more tolerable than those that come from my kids’ pediatrician and others who either must have carried small or else have just forgotten what some pregnant people look like.  Why do people think that because someone is carrying a baby, they can say anything they want to about that woman’s appearance?

For someone like me — who is accustomed to sweating almost daily at the gym, to moving with ease and agility, to feeling strong and fit — carrying around an extra 30 pounds and not being able to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded is not easy.  In fact, pregnancy #3 is really hard.  And those daily comments just make it harder.

Oh I know it’s all worth it and I marvel at the fact that this baby is growing inside of me, kicking up a storm.  But do me a favor — when you see me and my big-ass-belly or another pregnant woman walking down the street, please don’t offer any comments other than something along the lines of  “you look beautiful.”  And to those of you who already offer the kind and supportive comments, love you and keep em’ comin’.



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