She’s Been Floating Around In My Head for Years

I’ve got some big news to share.  I’m preggers.  At 41.  With my first GIRL!

Many who know me know that this baby girl has been floatin’ around in my head for a loooong time.  I wrote To 3 or Not To 3 — That is the Question more than three years ago.  I have just always felt that there was this little girl waiting to be made, that I was going to be a mom with two boys and a girl…and now, that is going to become my reality, and I feel so blessed and happy.

And also scared and anxious of what’s to come.

Unlike folks who go for a third when they still have one in diapers, we are totally going back under the bus.  Things have been easy, so to speak, for years, and now, we are heading back to sleepless nights, tantrums, having to go everywhere with diapers and wipes and zippy cups.  Whoa.  It is going to be a big change.

For now, my reality is just being pregnant.  The first trimester is thankfully over (I had horrible nausea for a good 7 weeks) and now that I am feeling better, I hope that I will stick with my resolution to make this my “fit and healthy pregnancy.”  After all, in my first two pregnancies, I was a lawyer, sitting at a desk most of the day, eating too many processed foods.  Other than walking my dog, I did not do much exercise.  This time, I am committed to being healthier, in the hopes that it will result in an easier pregnancy and post-partum experience.  This time, as a fitness professional, I understand the value of good health and fitness — beyond just its impact on the number on the scale.

Hopefully, I will blog more throughout this pregnancy, and now that I have announced to the blogosphere my commitment to a healthy and fit pregnancy, I hope I can make it a reality.  First step — I am going to put down this 2nd sandwich and go take a walk in the park.

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2 Responses to She’s Been Floating Around In My Head for Years

  1. kate September 27, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

    Yay! So excited for you Chana! She was meant to be – so wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. Joey October 9, 2013 at 2:54 am #

    Hi Chana, I am so happy for you! I am your new fan! love your workouts and determined to do it everyday :)

    I am 38 and still waiting for my pregnancy to come to reality :(

    All the best and keep it going!!

    Blessings from Melbourne Aust,

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