Cleansing, baby!

Hello juicer. Good bye coffee maker.

So I know many of you will roll your eyes when I tell you this, but…I will tell you anyway.  I am back on the dairy free bandwagon, and now, I am also including gluten free and no animal products.  What does that leave me to eat with, you ask?  Lots of beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains.  Its a cleanse, actually, under the auspices of a nutrition expert, Dana Palumbo, and I will report back after 21 days and let you know how I did and how I am feeling.

Week one is now complete, and I am feeling good.  The biggest challenge this week was that I also decided that it was time to get rid of my coffee addiction.  Its not that I think coffee is bad for you; there may even be benefits.  But for me, coffee is (was) an addiction, plain and simple — I could not function after waking up until I had that huge cup of joe.  That needing something so badly bothered me, so when I learned that caffeine was part of the cleanse, I figured now is the time.  I am happy to report that after one week of gradually decreasing the coffee, I had two sips this morning, and though I am a bit foggy, I am feeling better than anticipated.  The animal/gluten/dairy free part of this cleanse has really not been a big stretch for me given that that is kinda the way I ate before, but on the cleanse, I am certainly more strict.

My goal, other than breaking my caffeine addiction, is to lose a couple of pounds (specifically, to lose that mommy belly pooch once and for f’in all).  Of course, the timing is good in that I am also currently writing three scripts for more videos that I will be starring in for Cafemom in a few weeks.

I will report back on my progress in two more weeks time.





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