My First Video — Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

jumping with joy — in the new lulu garb.

My husband and I are different in many ways.  One such way is that he embraces new opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.  Me, I shy away from circumstances that force me to step outside of my comfort zone.  Though I know that doing new and different things are good for me — and for my career — change is definitely scary for me.  Always has been.

For that reason alone, I am particularly proud of myself at this very moment in time — and also sh@tting my pants some — because tomorrow at this very hour, I will be “starring” in an exercise video (make that 3) that I also created and wrote.  SO outside my comfort zone.  But SO exciting still.

I got a call a few days after I arrived in camp.  ”Our client is looking to create three exercise videos in the next few weeks and your name was brought to our attention through one of your clients.”  (Still do not know which of you that was  – please tell me who you are, and thank you!).  My initial reaction was “oh well, I am away in camp, so I’m unavailable.”  But after giving it some thought, I decided that I should at least try.  So, as per their request, my husband took some video footage of me exercising at camp and I sent it along to them.   I was sure to tell them that I am not some sculpted-crazy-in-shape woman.  (Don’t fitness video instructors have to look that way?)   Long story short, the client was interested (they don’t want “sculpted”; they want a mom who’s in good shape and “relate-able”), so I went in on a day off for an in person interview.  Two days later, got the call that I landed the gig.  They “love my energy levels”; “could you write the 3 scripts for the videos in the next two days?”; and “we’re filming a week from tomorrow.”  Wow.

After heading home this past week’s day off for a wardrobe meeting and a purchase of some goodies at Lululemon (pricey, yes, but no other bottoms make me feel as confident — that sh#t sucks you in good), I am preparing to head back to the city today (and staying at a friend’s empty apt. in Manhattan as mine is being used by out of town guests) so that I can be filmed ALL DAY tomorrow exercising alongside other moms who will my “students” (some of whom, by the way, I have met and I have to say, appear to be in better shape than me — what’s THAT all about).  It will be a hard day for sure — physically and mentally — but my hope is that I am just able to be myself and teach like I always do.

Please send positive vibes toward a little studio on Canal and Hudson tomorrow.  I will report back post shoot and hopefully let you all know that I rocked it.  And of course, once the video is public, you’ll all get to practice with Chana as your instructor in the comfort of your own living room.





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  1. Laura July 20, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    Wonderful post! Congrats and you’ll do an amazing job tomorrow!!!!

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