The Blogging Begins

Finally!  My first official post for my new website and blog!  Thanks to everyone for your patience; I was kinda busy this year – running two businesses, raising two kids, being a doting wife (well, not really, but, sometimes), making healthful dinners for my family (other than the nights I pulled fish sticks from the freezer), exercising, defending my Move It Momma trademark rights.  There’s been lots going on.

But here I am.  Ready to add blogging to my already-too-full plate.  And I am thrilled to do so!

Let me start by telling you what I hope to achieve with this blog, and what I do not want it to be.  Then, you can decide if you ever want to come back.

As a fitness business owner, you might think that I intend to devote my writings to topics such as nutrition, pelvic floor exercises, and using your core.  You might think that, but you’d be wrong.  Those of you who know me know that I like to talk, use my voice, speak my mind, and that I tell it like it is (sometimes to my detriment).  I have a lot to say about motherhood, family, relationships, health, birth, food…life…and this blog is now my official platform to do so.  Ha!

This is Move It Momma, after all.  For those of you who have may have missed my Mission statement , Move It Momma is about a whole lot more than fitness and getting your body back.  Its about being a mom and getting through everything life throws your way.  Its about being real (yes, there will be inappropriate language) and providing support and comraderie.

My blog, therefore, will cover topics including my births, my kids, my husband (sorry, T), my body, my frustrations, my joys, my anxieties.  My hope is that my posts provide comfort and support…and also make you laugh sometimes.

I hope you’ll come back.



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