Are You Killing Two Birds?

My time sapping delicious creatures


Remember the days before baby when you had nothing but time on your hands? Without question, the thing you lack the most as a mother (not just as a new mother) is time. I often think, before kids, how did I not write a NY Times bestseller or win the Pulitzer prize.  Surely, I had the time to do anything and everything I ever wanted. Now, with two little people, that’s all changed.

As a mom, its constant balance, or seeking balance. Everything gets prioritized. What’s more important to you — having a drink with your friend or getting that report done in time? Taking a nice long bath or snuggling with your husband on the couch? Going for a run or taking your kids to the playground? Finding the right balance is the simple key to happiness, I think. As if its that simple…

So here’s my little secret to achieving balance or getting close — its all about killing two birds, as I say. What does that mean, you ask? It means that because time is short, you will accomplish more if you achieve at least two things at the same time. So, this translates into:

  • going for a run with your husband and child — mommy time (check!), mommy-daddy together time (check!), exercise (check!)
  • a dance party with your kids — exercise (check!), mommy time (check!)
  • a run to the zoo — exercise (check!), mommy time (check!)
  • a trip to costco with hubby — mommy-daddy together time (check!), filling your fridge (check!)

You get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong — sometimes, it may be more stressful to do two things at once and you just need to have your own time away from your family. Maybe even a trip to Fairway counts as solitude time? And of course, sometimes you need to just have a nice dinner with a girlfriend. Just time for you. I am all for it.

My point is to do two things at once when you can and as often as you can without it causing you undue stress.

Of course, exercise is one easy example that can be fit in with other items on your to-do list.  Do not underestimate the value of:

  • dancing with your kids or doing yoga poses with them
  • cleaning/vacuuming the house
  • chasing your two year old all over the park

All of those movements add up. Gone may be the days where you could devote 1.5 hrs at the gym, but you can still fit it in. Its just going to be different. That 15 pound baby of yours is a perfect medicine ball.

And of course there are options like Move It Momma‘s Group Fitness Classes – where you can:

  • connect with friends — friend time (check!),
  • challenge your husband to see who can do more squats — mommy-daddy together time (check!)
  • strengthen your core — exercise (check!)
  • enjoy the beautiful outdoors — outdoor time (check!)
  • learn how to best wean your baby off the boob — learning/support time (check!)
  • play with your kid in the park — mommy time (check!)

All in one precious hour. Now that’s killing 6 birds, but who’s counting.

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